Monday, February 21, 2011

Chasing after you with my 8-bit Nintendo sized heart, baby…

Grisly myogenic robot-headed console
shushed in yawn
Replete with DUCK HUNT AND SUPERMARIO BROS. upon purchase
A laser gun two tedious control pads
which look like something Amish women might use three
Days a month as a sanitary napkin

to sop up the spilled blood of the feminine lamb

Reset power-button winking
At you from the opposite corner of the bar
Invitation to grope joystick of the male anatomy
accelerate through the next level
In search of a thumb-print sized

Air-headed princess
who, in reality, would probably
never abandon the money-colored dragon scales
of her suitor for a poor man’s middle-age
Italian plumber like yourself

When first we met that night baby

We fit together
Like Tetris blocks

The geometric shapes of our bodies
Contorting like a parachuting anvil

Learning how to slip
Into the distilled
Gravity of each others flesh
Snapping chasms of whispered silence
Spaces across the windshield nothingness of a Russian plain

Dissipating all together in one townhouse sentence of joy

I chased you across neon bleeps and zaps of fairytale kingdom
Stomping on turtles-with wings oblivious mushroom
Sized creatures resembling beanie baby STD’s
Garnering points that rise and evaporate like steam
Banging the brow of my working-class forehead
Into a QUESTION mark shaped brick of reality
Hoping for a one-up mushroom, an extra life
Cursing like QBERT when I found you downtown
in the arms of another man
Wishing I could ejaculate fireballs at him

That I could battle him

crunch him

defeat him

Watch his body phase
in and out

slowmotion demise

A game over sign

Flaring inside me
Asking me If I would like to press
start back at the first level
in electronic pursuit
just to find you somehow again
Inside my chest
where my heart
Is shaped like the cement bone
8-bit Nintendo System
a dated entertainment
The box we sometimes had to unplug
and bow in front of first
blowing into its rectangular
lips several times
before inserting the cartridge
and pressing play.