Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blackstar sea refrain: A round

Trip in yer concentration
Drown in the star of yer blacksea
The universe came into being
When there was nothing left to be

(and)I could be yer planet
Plant me like a tree
the placenta of yer body
the garden that is she

and I would be yer organ
yer life raft on the lee
and I would be yer oxygen
you could inhale me (and)

I could be your savior
Your lifeline and your sin
We used to live in water
We used to share one fin

Trip in the drip of your concentration
drown so deep in yer blackstar sea
if yer body were the ocean
your hips would baptize me

your thighs could be the coastline
my loins would be the tide, save
we'd crash into the shoreline as
one solitary wave

And you could be my darwin
The sea a chasm fills
I’d hold you in the ocean
I’d make out with yer gills

I’d cook you dinosaur liver
I’d make you feel alive
I’d pull you like an anchor
DeCrescendoing through time

Trip trip trip in your concentration
drown so deep in your black star sea
my body is mostly water
when you stop and unzip me (and)

 I could be your Buddha
yer Krishna Christ figure
the sun is just a metronome
the earth its lone time signature

(and) you could be my Pythagoras
the greatest numerical set (and)
if you were my needle
I'd be your tourniquet

And I would be your aisle
And you would be my bride
And I could be the pregnancy
The secrets you did hide

Trip in the drip of your concentration
drown so deep in your black star sea
when my body fills with water
please don’t resuscitate me

the sun is mostly hydrogen
incendiary hearth blowing
out its socket
the water needs the earth (and)

I could be your vessel
and you would be my sail
one week after conception
all creatures have a tail (your)

breath would still unlock me
your lips would set me free (and)
 we could find compassion
for all eternity

I'd swan dive in your eyelids
I'd backstroke in your breath
I'd ski across your forehead
a water wedding bed (and)

we could love each other
(and) we could still free
and we could swim together
 this pond called reality.

Trip trip trip in yer concentration
drown drown drown in yer blacks star sea
The universe came in to being
When there was nothing left to be (and)

I am mostly water
when you stop and unzip me
It’s easier to have been
Then its ever been to be...

--written for Josh Wills and recited on the finale of BLACKSTARSEA hip-indie radio of lavender-longing....

Friday, November 09, 2012

In Hollywood w. eminent playwright of light Karen Howes.....

....I blisteringly adore this woman...check her brilliance out for yourself...

Tuesday, November 06, 2012


All this talk about Mitt Romney and Mormonism espousing good ol’ fashioned family values reminds me of that time I was a sophomore in college and went on a good ol’ fashioned illicit-caffeinated fueled panty raid at the Bethany dorm at Brigham Young University and came back with a Binder full of Temple Garment (I commandeered a Mission bicycle and narrowly escaped the unscathed clutches of the Mormon police, pedaling  into the neon-animated sunset of the Utah desert  in a tumbleweed fury of botched KINGDOM COME brochures).