Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It was the perfect moment in time

Space when I saw you baby the moment when
I somehow found your fingers curled in my hand like
Some sort of bulb the moment I wanted more than
To be myself being more than myself
Sloughing out of the limp raincoat of flesh
The moment where I wanted to kiss dance skip
Seek flounder sprint off the discourse of the page
It was the moment when I was free
The moment where after all
This time I didn’t have to worry any more
The moment when I turned around
And you were somehow
Above my body
The ventilation of your lips
Giving birth to upside down
triangles and limp treble clefs

In the copper of autumn

It was that moment
You plucked from me
The moment I slipped
Inside the puddle of your eyes
A blink swatting everything I have ever wanted
on this continent of being in front of me
It was this moment here and now
that moment I swear to god

I’ll fucking get it back again


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