Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rhyming Love song for a corn-chip

If you were my bong water, I’d be the bowl
If you were the handcuff I’d be the bed pole
If you were the atom I’d be the quark
If you were the tree of life, I’d be the skin on yer bark
If you were my Tristan I’d be your Iseult that did go crazy with spiked- luck
If you were Jay Gatsby, I’d be the daisy you plucked
If you were my Socrates I’d be your guzzled hemlock
If you were a horny teenage boy I’d be your favorite cum sock
If you were a misanthrope, I’d be your cynic
If you were an STD I’d be your walk-in clinic
If yer body were the old testament I’d be your original sin
If you were straight up tonic water ,I’d be the gin
If you were my Nietzsche I’d be your caroling abyss
If you were all wet I’d be your clitoris
If you were the kayak I’d ne the paddle
Pin you on all fours and mount you, sans saddle
If you were the alphabet I’d be your vowel
After your workout I’ll be the sweat on your towel
If you were French royalty I’d wade in your court
If you were an unwanted pregnancy I’d be your abort
If you were stranded in space I’d be you breathing afflatus
If you were my facebook profile I’d be your hourly status
If you were a winking eye I’d be batting the lashes
If you were cremated  I’d be  your ashes
The way you swivel on that barstool is witty and flirty
If you were a martini you would be just a little bit dirty
You are the symbol behind every sign
I love how you are gentle and thoughtful and kind
I love how you smile with lips that do teem
and how you really are somehow everything I’ve ever wanted in a human being
If you were a Tao I’d be yin to your yang
If you were the universe I’d be your big bang
--Silly poem for Sweet-Tea and Sherry (lee)..twn lasses of light who rocked the gravity of my existence last autumn....(nothin' liek harboring a hardcore cyndi lauper fetish)....

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