Thursday, October 07, 2004

...and the answer

Whether I'm standing in line for coffee, shuffling between classrooms or pecking out sentences in the computer lab AT LEAST five times a day I've grown accustomed to having people tilt their heads and inquire, "What happened to your hair?"

The answer I've decided to stick with remains the same.

"I did it for a girl..."

Usually the response elicits a wispy, "awwwwww" if asked by a female or a "dude man, your eff'ing whupped,"if male. I then finish my sentence with a grandmotherly appeasing quip:

" mother."

Rehashing over my life, I can honestly say that I did do everything for a girl. For that elusive angel. For that source of feminine ethos; untethered feminine enrgy that flickers what little natural talent I have into a creative inferno. Not to say that I've found her yet (indeed, I've lost and found her many, many times just to find her again) or that she has a finite name that ends in 'a' or certain distinct facial features or that her hair is a seasonal shade of autumn; or that she exists but she's playing hard to get or that she really even exists in the first place, but one thing I can honestly say that I know about myself is that I live for her; that she has not only given me life, but she has given my life meaning and It's my job to make her as happy as she's made me.

My hope is that all my Brothers reading this out there realize the power of feminine glory. It's not a bad mantra to live your life by and if you haven't realized it, my brothers, you were probably the sort of guy in high school who always thought people were looking at you in the locker room, even though there was nothing there.


Ginae! said...

Like to see your hair.

none said...

I´d rather do things for a the elusive power of feminine glory too. Instead, I did all kinds of stupid things for a man´s love, because I thought it could replace my own.

Ace said...

I do believe I understand.
Perhaps we shall get answers from elusive ones. Perhaps answers shall come at some point of time. There is something to the flow of it all isn't there?