Saturday, April 09, 2005

Blog Fog

What's been goin on...

* Month of March: In like a Lion, out with a hangover.

*New Wheels--No insurance, no problem.

* Who left the thong on my desk in the library???? (very funny guys! Hahaha. Aprils fool!)

* Found out that b/c I pay so much for school I'm eligible for Food stamps (What!?! I work ALL the time!!!!!!!!)

*Tryin' to be cognizant about my health without making myself and everyone around me feel like a total uptight anal wad.

* All I want to do is sit on my ass and write all the time!

* Biggest graduation party known to mankind planned end of May. It's for myself and my sister whose graduating from law school. My Uncle just splurged on this halycon patch of Illinois soil so the party will entail camp out and keg, requisite late spring bon fire, solitude, fishing canoeing....ahhhhhh!!!!

* Told my prof. that I'd have a copy of my 700 page novel finished and buffed by MAY 13th!!!!

*Biggest Lit-week on campus--two writers, release of new journal (I have three pieces!!!) followed by poetry reading and awards banquet. In a conciliatory gesture, I invited moma bear to awards banquet.

*Go Illini! Wait....

Exam from Hell on monday morning. It's a soc. 100 class but the prof. is driving us all nucking futs. see here:

* It's spring which means I'm in love....

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