Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A Very sniffle sniff-sniff sweet and sour sentimental "Awwwwwwwwwww"

After devouring barbecue ribs marinated with either arsenic or hemlock (!) and spending the fourth day of July puking the crimson interior of my guts out, diagnosed with vile food poisoning, my beloved co-workers pulled a fast one and threw me a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!! They even sang Happy Birthday to me in the middle of the library atrium!!!!!!

What a staff!!!! ( I know, they're just probably sucking up to the boss so I can give them all the hours they want next semester--hehehe) But still, I was EXTREMELY touched. Lena made me a birthday cake, Erich supplied the pop, Barb dished out copious amounts of KFC, and somebody even bought Humus, for all those devout vegetarians out there!!!!!

Once again, to my beloved staff( Justin, Lexie, Gretchen, Erich, Lena, Jysonthna, Jessica, Sarah) you guys are awesome!!!!! Thanx for ALL Your HARD Work! And thanx for making this crazy writer feel so welcome!

Sometimes its nice just to feel like you belong...

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arya said...

happy bday. sorry i missed it!