Thursday, February 07, 2008

Finish line....

So I made it through the
end of the week only imbibing
six beers!!!! Three 12 ounces
(an IPA, Pale bock and Pale ale
respectively)one seasonal sumptuous
Samuel Smith festive winter ale
and two 24 ounce PBR's can, which
the liquor store conveniently
began to ferry for only 1.49....
sixty cents cheaper than my
daily starbucks venti pickme up....

Off to cartwheel into an alcoholic
cycle of oblivion this weekend
In all confessional candor six beers
between sunday and Thurs is about
20 less per week than I've been
consuming. The goal is to only
get blitz on the weekend and to
be more focused on my literary
pursuits and not use alcohol
as a panacea to life's
solitary problem....I'll keep you

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