Tuesday, February 05, 2008

the kingdom will not come by expectation....

There's something about the year 1844.
The Millerites believed
that 1844 would be the return of Christ circa
March 21st, 1844 ( nothin' beats a thief in the night)
The event was known throughout many sects of North
American Christianity as the "great disappointment"
The first telegram using Morse code would be sent
on May 24th of that year by Samuel Morse, the inaugural message being
that of "What hath God wrought" (numbers 23:23)....one day before
in Persia a messenger of the light revealed himself
as being a GATE to the metaphysical continuity
and spiritual evolution of mankind. The fact that
Morse's message was promulgated hours after the
heralding genesis of a new age
demarcating mankind’s spiritual odyssey
in the discourse of the net of time
serves as a modern day star of david
quietly looming over the
housing projects in a run-down
Bethlehem, a few shepherds familiar
with the noisome scent of sheep shit
pointing their question mark
shaped spears in astonishment at the
sight of a beaming orb
wondering just what all of this
could perhaps mean.

indeed, 1844, the German astronomer Bessel noted
that Sirius, the most ebullient star in the night
has a companion star next to it.

A month later Joseph Smith, founder
of the latter day saints, was lynched.


The date I notice
when my mid-day ambrosia
pick me up was christened
in a working class blue collar
stable in Milwaukee, breaking
my quest for five day
alcoholic celibacy.....

but hey, if you had to pick a year.....

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