Sunday, June 30, 2013

..poem to commemorate the closing of CHAMPS WEST....



Surely it would be like this:


The brazen herald from some celestial bugle

trumpeting punctuating decay

shrill of a junior high tardy bell


The dated Christmas tree bulb, the planet tilting

its cosmic neck as if to work out enervated kinks,

saddle of jigsaw cardboard  continents dripping sideways

 tectonic funeral tears

  cataclysmic zippers crackling

dotting the floorboard of the earth

in a fissure of fear


Oceans thrashing gargling  up

coastlines in bristled sweeps

volcano blowing their subterranean wad

mother earth menstruating fire and ash

Tornados skidding, Tsunami's roaring


Skyscrapers toppling like a game of drunken jenga

patches of the sky falling in heavy geometrical trapezoids

splattering thuds  anvils in cartoons


And this is how it would be

as reality unbuttons itself


A quadrant gospel of  devious

horsemen hackling in  neighing canters

across the Golgotha-gray horizon


graves rising like steeples caricatures in a children’s pop-up book


Overweight middle-aged naked Christians

elbowing each other to be first in line

making little “told-you-so” gestures with their fingers

at those who are left


ST. Peter holding an Ostrich quill

checking hotel room reservations


While below puppet sized incubuses

Prod pitch forks into the

Shoulders of  porn shop patrons

Marshalling them into a fire-laced

Subway staircase to suffer and to burn beneath


Cylinder Mayan Disc calendars

 Ricocheting satellite’s, asteroids plummeting

 failed comets hammering

like court-sentencing gavels as

albino buffalo stampede across great plains


cherubim and seraphim

playing soccer at Stonehenge

with black and tan Tao emblems

lotus plants plopping

crop circles rising like yeast as


marooned-coated Buddhists monks levitate 

towards enlightenment in pyramidic posture 

 Israel being removed  with a scalpel

boomeranging into outer space

concealed in a snow globe bubble

Mecca rising on all fours following

a MT. Arafat-sized silhouette of Muhammad, pointing


The entire continent of South America herds llamas into Alien spaceships headed for Andromeda


Thunder searing,  cities drowning, the mantle of the earth being riped from its skull


planets clanging together like abacus beads


the sunflower sun achingly

exhaling one final exclamatory wink

before giving birth to  nuclear miscarriage

blossoming into a butterfly supernova


yet still seven minutes away


 and how


in that moment


as this pocket of reality gradually snaps out of being


I want to find myself

seated on an overturned

cathedral doorway

hovering life raft

through the grainy dregs of

galactic nothingness


in the earth of you arms


kiss the In the beginning  of your forehead

lose myself in the fleeting

cosmic eternity of your eyes


enraptured all this time.

(performed C. West/ Bloomsday 2011/BLACKSTARSEA RADIO/ART SHOW/ Dirty Laundry LIT Hollywood)

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