Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Let me not to the marriage of true mystic muses admit impediments...

Unbelievable. Sunday gave birth to a blog forum vis-a-vis myself and every other blogger I know. It was sort've a mystic/nuptial scuffle if that makes any sense--plus I had that stupid Beatles song resonating in my head all day. "Blackbird singing in the middle of the...BLAM! There. Just shot that damn blackbird for annoying, ornithological purposes.

Anyway when I arrived home my crazy, "mystical" roomate almost vehemently insisted that we go out right away, even though it was late. My roomate's much older than I am and he actually saved my life once (more later)...He's sort of Gandalf to my emotionally-fettered Frodo if that analogy makes any sense. When I told him "NO, I'm exhausted, I'm sulking, I'm whatever it's called when you bleed out all the blogs that's been stowed inside your body all day when you should've been nursing your three-year old (novel, that is) out of the cradle and into publication" He just looked at me, was quiet, paused, told me that was my problem, and then INSISTED we go to One WORLD cafe.

"But Mike, duh, One World cafe closes early on Sunday. Everything closes early on Sunday" I kept verbally emitting to him even he wouldn't listen. We just had to go to One World cafe. Even though when we drove past the building before parking I could see that dusk was settling inside the dining room area of the restaurant and that half of the woodedn chairs had already been stacked on top of their respective tables. We still had to go inside. When he parked, I opened the door and he just remained dormant and glazed-eyed in his drivers seat. Eventually, he adjusted his body and closed his door, walking very fast in front of me. He entered the door first and just as I was walking in, someone else, someone very angelic, sensually-scented was walking out. It was that someone I had kissed and held and said goodbye to three weeks earlier b/c she lives four hours away and wasn't coming back to P-town this summer. It was someone I had dashed e-mails soaked in dreams off to...it was that same someone who was deemed a "beautiful fool" only hours before. It was Swissy-Missy.

If your a lover you know what its like to see someone you love and (for whatever reason) not be able to embrace them. It was a no contact salutation. She was going out while I was coming in and our respective visages mirrored each other through the doorway of One World Cafe and Cargo, corner of University and Main. I held the door open for her and she was the first to say hello. She looked lovely--ashen countenance, body that looked like it had just come out a shell and was immortalized in paint by Boticelli.

Again, it was a no contact, non-embrace salutation. Incidentally, looking back on the situation now with harried hindsight, it was the only time we'd ever seen each other and not hugged. Mike had already been swallowed into the darkness of the building that I told him from the outset was in the process of closing. Missy and I just sort of looked at each other. I felt like Al PAcino in the end of GodfatherIII, looking sullenly oblique into a casket, rhetorically asking myself where did I go wrong.

Unbelievable. Crazy coincidence? WE blogged many poignant paragraphs on Sunday but seeing Sissy-Missy was definitely the punctuation mark. Mike ambled back out of the cafe with a nonpluss look sewed into his face. "WE can't eat here. They're closing." He said

In the car I told him. I told him all about Arya and co.; told him all about my recent fetish towards blogging. Availed to him who that person was on the corner who I had just chatted with.

Mike said more. He said alot more. He quoted one of the Hands as having said "There are no coincidences in the faith," He talked about the concourse. Talked about plurality. Said that he he had indeed heard me chide him about the cafe closing he just felt that we had to go inside.

When I told him that I didn't care that Swissy-Missy was in town, I just didn't need to meander into her in such a weird way, he told me that the concourse didn't care.....

The crazy thing is, shit like this happens all the time.


daku said...

David my friend, shit like this happens WHEN you have your eyes and heart open, when you're tuned in ... "fair minded one with a seeing eye" (-:
And the beauty of it is, you never know what's around the corner.

David Von Behren said...

Check out Arya's kick-ass critique!!! Somewhere in the Baha'i faith, I'm almost sure that someone of spiritual merit said that, "The reality of man is his thoughts." Anyone heard that before?