Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Symphony for the Underdog

Feel just like Kid Rock when I bellow DEEEE-TROIT's in 'Da HOUSE!!!!!!!!

Let's hear it for the Detroit Pistons whose IMPECCABLE defense dipped with their offesnive swagger propelled them to the biggest upset in recent sports history!!!!

This was simply a case of no-name Underdogs (Wallace, Prince Billups, Hamilton) vs. EGO (SHAQ, Kobe, Father Malone, Trash-talkin' Payton).... It was modesty over Money, ethics over ego, team harmony over team histrionics, fundamentals over fear... was beautiful.

Anyone who has a vision, "A vision boy, A 'Damn' VISION" (QUOTE Ginsberg to Kerouac) knows what its like to be an underdog. Knows what it's like to have people look at you and scratch their chins in bewilderment while they privately confer that "they'll never make it."

Maybe it's because my first name's David (Lots of words loaded in that sling I've been 'a brandishing) or because my father's favorite movie of all time was ROCKY, but there's something beautiful in actuating your dreams. Soemthing beautiful in assiduosly breaking a sweat everyday, something beautiful and compelling in LIVING THE LIFE YOU FEEL MEANT TO LEAD and doing what you feel BLESSED to do. Something, simply, beautiful in overcoming.....

Now, if you'll excuse me, allow me to verbally distribute my pent-up elation for Detroit.

"That'sallI'msayingyo!!! That'sallI'msayingyo!!!! That's ALL I'm saying yo!!!"

My Boys!!!!!!!


arya said...

OK, I am such a sports doof that I don't even know what you are talking about but it sounds familiar. My dad always roots for the underdog. Your post reminds me of one of his baseball stories. I almost always like people that root for the underdog. But if I were into sports, I don't know if I could do it. I like to win. But when the underdogs win and you have stood by them for years, there's nothing better!

David Von Behren said...

....or when (eventually, inevitably, someday, somehow, maybe) the Chicago Cubs beat the New York Yankee's in the World Series....Moises Alou will hit a grandslam in the bottom of the ninth and Wrigly Field will become Mount Vesuvius and errupt and the entire city of Chicago will be suspect to another fire without the assistance of Old Mother Leary's bovine-punter....yes, someday, the entire city of Chicago will be clad in blue and white and have red-C's stitched on their caps and shirt-sleeves and hold hands on the shoreline for a candlelight vigil breaking into the old negro-underdog spiritual of WE SHALL OVERCOME!!!!!!

arya said...

and then we will have to find another underdog.