Tuesday, December 17, 2013

12 beers of Tartan Day 1 Sierra Neveda Celebration Ale


As a holiday greeting card of gratitude for graciously allowing us to host our monthly OPEN MIC POETRY READING at their fine West Peoria watering hole I've decided to chronicle the 12 BEERS Tartan Inn has festively featured on their WINTER BEER TOUR.  All the beers are currently showcased at Tartan Inn (i.e., the neighborhood bar of my dreams). On Saturday Dec 28th--Day 12- the Tartan will host a Winter beer blow out so be sure to stop in, ask for a beer tour card and imbibe in seasonal caroling-crafted bliss spotlighting Beers that are holiday Nutcrackers trouncing the entry of anything domestic and mass marketed and overtly watered-down. Beers that deck the interior lining of your liver with boughs of mistletoes and streams of lights. Beers that plant a poinsettia on the tip of your palette, washing away the beechwood aged transgressions of a year gone past.   

First on the tour is Celebration Ale, an amber-hued IPA that pours like a stocking filled with hops. Tartan has this beer on draught and it gushes into the translucent splash of the chalice in hibernating treacles of icicles at first, prior to filling the receptacle with a sudsy wreath of foam.  Those who are audacious enough carouse with me on a weekly basis know that I harbor a hardcore affinity for hops (check out SN's BIGFOOT later this year), what is enriching about the Celebration ale is the dimension of hop subtly. It doesn't set off New Year fireworks in your mouth, rather it sleigh rides down the copse your palette, leaving your lips satisfied and your spirits all but warm.  

--see what happens when Pee-Wee Herman drinks Sierra Nevada   at the Tartan around the holdiays!!!


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