Friday, December 27, 2013

12 beers of Tartan day 11:Taking a post-coital holiday dump with a dark Elf...

The final two beers featured on the Tartan Inn winter tour are the Jordan and Pippen of the brewsky holiday season. Dark Horse's 4 elf winter warmer Ale is more naughty than nice, leaving your lips coated in a spicy residue that feels like you just monopolized the last half-hour beneath a malty mistletoe making out with the Ginger bread man. This beer doesn't play any reindeer games, it creates them. The first sip destroys the interior of your palate with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg swathed in a subtle slurp of cloves. Yes, it dominates, tackles your tongue like Santa endeavoring to harness the reins on his docile ferrying doe-eyed mammals
It more than just stuffs your stocking.

It erupts in a festive chariot of holiday flavor.

One beer left to go...

drinking' santa's private reserve ale w. co-owner Joe Hauk

Christmas is officially over...let's shoot santa....

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