Sunday, December 29, 2013

Drinking beer around the holdiays...

There’s just something about drinking Craft BEER

Around the holidays,  holly and Ivy applauding

Oval lipped wreathes awaiting

Wide-eyed new year inaugural swig

(rose bowl) Vats of tinsel flavored beer

There’s just something about drinking (beer)

Screeching  Amethyst  solstice pink

squinting  across  the panoramic dry eraser board of the west

peach lights fizzing into inky cognizance

Clydesdales sipping from the antipodal trough in the nativity scene

 Neighborhood Bar transitioning into a diminutive Christmas village

Fraught with carolers and coasters

Drinking holiday beer on the obligatory pictorial x-mas card

  Dissipated Puddle around the pitcher of poured draught

Crimson Frosty Snowman melting in a greenhouse

conveniently located at the north pole,

There’s just something about drinking (Beer) amidst

Festooned wicks dripping off gutters in illuminated pout, drinking

In the starchy nest of Santa’s lap

Supplicating Ewok Village awaiting sozzled

 St. Nick, lumbering  down the brick chute

 With a pony  keg and 12 pack over the girth of his shoulders


 Something about Sticking your lips

into a dollop tundra of foam

As if pressing your tongue to a frozen

water pump handle at recess, or

 Conveniently handing George Bailey

the amber holster of a Schlitz

Cozening him not to leap

Lips smiling head of duck

At the Chinese Christmas table

Severed in one wisp of the cleaver

While you wore second hand glasses

The Christmas story even you forgot

There's just something about drinking (beer) 

Kissing the cherry peppermint

breath of the  elf you adore

Hoping you can buy her enough (BEER)

To wake up next to her nine hours later

wearing only an ugly Christmas t-shirt

And panties her hair an unkempt

Halo sitting atop tree of limbs

 A star of David shimming in

The east of her eyes.



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