Thursday, December 26, 2013

12 beers of tartan day 10: Accumulation winter seasonal

It's the day after Christmas and I'm, in the immortal words of Clark Griswold, hap-hap-happily  hungover with Dean Martin and Danny fucking kay  sippin' an Accumulation, a seminally hoppy white India Pale Ale winter seasonally crafted by our fair-weather friends' at Fat Tire. The label itself shows a picture of a very winteresque 'If the trailer is a-rockin' don't come a knockin' stationary RV,' and the beer presents a palatable snowflake succulent aftertaste lightly sprinkled with a bouquet of hops. The two bad boy (big boy) beers on tap for the next two days. Can't wait!!!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Holy shit.

..and don't forget the Tartan winter beer tour blowout this Saturday night!!!

only two beers left on my tour!!!!

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