Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas fellow scribes!!! (and leftover holiday heaps of sibling rivalry as well)... a testament to my literary bachelorhood, this Christmas I received, a fart mug from my sister Bethany VonBehren O'Brien (which, ironically, sounds just like my inflated muffled editor in New York) a SMELL MY NUTS candle from my (innocuous) sis' Jenn Gordon and a (I have never heard of it before) Poo-pouri (a sort of hygienic tonic use to douse and quell the noxious anatomical odors of, well) from my blithe cousin Jayma Lynne which I randomly picked up in our annual Dirty Santa...I tell you, all I can say is, come here an pull my finger....(oh, and happy new year!!!)


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