Tuesday, July 20, 2004


The Cubs were beating St.Louis 8-2 in the second and now it's the top of the 9th and their down 10-8!!!!!! WHY!!!!! BEING A DEVOUT CUBS FAN ALL MY LIFE HAS ADUMBRATED ME FOR FAILURE!!!!!
When my boss Sam inquired why I remained so adamant a CUBS fan after all these years I told him it was like getting married.
 "  At first you used to circle the bases every night and even take the game into extra innings and a post-season honeymoon at Disney World was inevitable. And now....I'm lucky if she'll let me step up to the plate without calling a foul ball on me first."
Just checked the score again. Now it's 11-8, in favor of the cardinals. 

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David Von Behren said...

Cubs ended up losing. A-gain. They've blown more games than a doxy hurricane. Who on earth will console me now?