Friday, July 02, 2004



Mara-Arya has returned to Blogsville with a new pair of Shoes! (Guess there's no place like home!) Lady Benzedrine is out breaking hearts and communing with nature! Crazy Mister D once again spent the entire blogging day pelting out sentences for recital entires he never posts!

Life is back to normal in the Eternity blog!!!!! Not to sound blasphemous, but the trio of arya, daniela and david consturct a pretty solid trinity on their own acord.


daku said...

you're the best. where is an injection of energy when one needs it? in D's eternal blog! lady benzedrine is fighting monsters left right and center - sounding cheerful but seriously beat up. BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!

daku said...

Where does lady benzedrine go when she needs an injection of energy? To Mister David's energy bar! A pint of eternity with a double shot of smiles!
One thing needs to be made clear about her: she does not break any hearts these days, especially if they are a part of a sanctified blogger trinity.

(thought i posted a comment earlier... what's up w/ blogger?)

arya said...

that would be three new pairs of shoes but who's counting?