Saturday, July 17, 2004

Passion and Pulchritude

Just visited with Mara's dyslexic double. After blogging an entry about experiencing
disappointment with an older "intellectual" crowd at a young and formative age, I bumped into my dear friend Mary. Mary's a formative, exceptional artist. She's been teaching at the college level for a couple of years (even though we both graduated from high school the same year)...Mary has a gentle, brushstroke smile and a thick stream of very-arya-assenting thick black hair that slinks down her back and tugs at her waist. She's taught art in France and is applying for a position in Florence. I'm so proud of her. Out of all of my bohemian friends shes the one that I'm most certain will have a dip with the baha'i faith.

Mary and I tersely dated around the time when I was working 24-7 (which was most of the last two years)...we had a few nice moments together and I feel blessed that I didn't totally botch things up. Over coffee Mary thanked me for calling her on her birthday when she was outta state having surgery, an event which I still can't remember doing, but her gratitude made me feel special.

As Uncle Mike continues to remind me, "When a relationship doesn't work out, it's sometimes a blessing for both parties." It's true. Occasionally you have to prune and hem the bush if you want to cultivate the garden. and (unlike 80 % of the participants in the previous blogg) I feel blessed that I can admire mary as an artistic contemporary rather than as a couple.

Although I never said it when we were dating, I'll say it now...Proud of you baby. Can't wait to see what notes you'll continue to paint in the hearts of all your students, as well as in the artworld

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