Saturday, July 24, 2004

Freight Train...

Burning up both ends of the workaholic candle and I've completely incinerated the wick prior to sopping up all the wax. Still in my incubating period where the world is a steady accumulation of hawked smudges and feigned blurs. Met a beautiful young writer this morning who has seen me everywhere and who I once again do not remember ever having met. She told me that she saw me at RAVE last night and I said no, informed her that I hadn't been to a hard-core rave in like five years, relayed to her the whole scenario about having tryadic-male ponytail duplicates roaming all over town and then (duh) remembered that the theatre Mike and I went to last night to see Bourne Supremacy was called Rave! Duh. Daniela, myself and arya seem to be different rungs on the same spirtual coiled DNA strand and whenever I accumulate the gall to inform Uncle Mike about the 'plurality' spawned by our cyber-rapport he just looks at me like double-duh, his eyes little pekowskies behind his spectacles, telling me that's the way it's suppose to be, and it's our own individual ego that projects spiritual universality into being a big deal.  

Maybe it's not a big deal but it's nice when it happens...especially nice considering how commercially posh and globally accelerated our planet has become in such a short period of time.
One more week of farsighted nausea.  Ever since my father died suddenly (misdiagnosed cancer as Chrommes disease) and I was misdiagnosed a week after his death ( I had a broken foot, they diagnosed it as gout) I've totally despised going to clinics. Hate it! It's like your wheeled into the planet under the hard-lights, ammonia scented tiles of the hospital and then they wheel you back in while your wizended with some disease that could be cured only all our funds are being siphoned to riddle other nations with wounds.....Screw it....I'm a realist....Just think what our country would be like if they would show our own citizens suffering every night on televion.....victims of cancer and HIV...Can you imagine president Bush holding up a heavily fonted newspaper headline saying WE FOUND A CURE.....optimist ( or at least a visionary)...yes....yes, but I'm also a realist. If we can genetically clone a mammal, we can cure diseases that have been proven to have been deployed as weapons of mass detriment already planted here within the borders of our own nation.  

My danders shot up cause I'm exhausted and can't see. Today's the birthday of my youngest sibling Jenn (23) as well as "YOU-SO-CRAZY-DAVEEEEEED" Jasna, (24). Jasna sent me a poem a month back to which I emialed her the address of the short-story I previously blogged.

She hasn't written me back since.

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daku said...

i keep looking for the source of the teaching that all souls come from the same mysterious source, before being individually "assigned" to an embryo... we come from the same place, and we are going to the same place. the separation is temporary (?)... meanwhile i came across another quote that goes with that story by Gibran on your recital blog.. so i posted it there! long live Mr Universe!