Friday, July 30, 2004

Sister Schandenfreude

Just wanted to send a shot of gratitude out to my friend Chrissy --she's one of Swissy-Missy's main girls-hence the obvious 'sy' connection. I was feeling really downtroden and depressed this morning (mostly after looking at my check) and then, who appears, viola, blithe, light hearted, mercurial ray of sunshine Chrissy.

Thanks girl, you splashed a shot of sunshine on my day. Oh, and sorry about the trampoline joke.


daku said...

D! i am curious to hear what you figured out about the D-A-D&humankind connection. pray let us know. i wanna get some peaceful sleep myself (-;
no matter how LATE i go to sleep, i wake up way early before my alarm, and can't sleep... insomnia train again.

daku said...

D, about poison ivy, check out the story by Arya's dad:
I was ROFLing.