Friday, August 06, 2004

Faretheewell Fell 'o' Eternal Wayfarer's (and Take Real Good Care of my Bloggin' Babies)

After two months plus, Little David is taking a break from the Bloggsville Shire in order to trek and extinguish his own Mt. Doom ( I'm taking a break from a lot of things in order to find a lot of things).....I'll be completely Net-free until next Friday, so, in emergency, plug into Bradley's campus and hit ext. 3315 and someone should be able to tell you my whereabouts--but hopefully there will be no such cause and your next week shall be as serene as mine.

Those who visit this blogg will be 2x blessed if the visit the bloggs of Mrs. arya badiyan (who lured me in to all this) and Ms. daniela kantorova (who lured me somewhere else). Both names are synonymous with eternity's Beatrice for surely they have led this particular wild-hearted Dante into the lips of paradise.

I'll be spending next week cleaning Uncle Mike's mansion, working on my huge book, doing laundry (first time since...well..icky male gross get away).....I'll also be praying, supplicating, dreaming, reading Juliet Thompson, preparing to get a good jump out of the gates in preparation for this pending semester, a senior year long overdue.

Forehead kisses all around for the experience. If you need me, you know where to look....



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daku said...

dear D. have a WONDERFUL week, God knows i am overdue for this. meanwhile i just practise SOLITARY weekends. (-: but pray, where did I lure you? lots of inspiration in the incoming week & lotta luv.