Thursday, September 09, 2004

A Blessing from thy Side

In typical Captain Universe fashion, my tidy pending RECITAL chronicle about spending yesterday immersed in the glow and warmth of a dear friend keeps on growing. THINK HAIKU David! But as a summary the entire day was spent basking in one luminous moment that seemed to last eternally. And when I arrived home early this morning, Arya's nugget of eternal friendship clutched in my right paw, I was greeted with a beautiful postcard from Daniela of Lake Mono.

How blessed am I. To have both my entire audience (two angels) wreathed in my arms at the same time....


Nazanin said...

what a beautiful writer you are david
thanks for looking me up and commenting
i'm glad to meet you too
looking forward...

David Von Behren said... reading more about your amazing world. I badgered a lil' of your bio off of Lady A last week. What more do you have to say?