Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Bulletin for fellow wayfarer's....

Oh-kay, here's how you know that your crazy-zipped out roommate really does possess some modicum of zany spiritual-pixie-dustt...Psychic's, gypsies, fellow prognosticators, whatever....Uncle Mike has always been Gandalf to my Frodo. His serene palm and subtle insight (as well as sometimes cantankerous humor) shepherded me into the faith via a very mystical introit for a welcome matt. Mike has given "reading's" to very conspicuous pyschics, one of whom was even on national tv last month. Anyway, the sole reason I feel Uncle Mike's mantra's are valid and far from your avgerage, run-o-the newage mill bullshitter is becasue simply HE TELLS YOU THINGS YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR!

Even when Mike was at Greenlake last weekend someone very politely told him "Your not telling me what I want to hear" and Mike was just like "What else can I tell you? This is what the truth is..."

As was the case late last night, I started writing my first screenplay for a movie class, clamoring home aorund midnight clicking my heels together in literary elation, whistling writers jubilee (screenplays sell for an avg. of 30 thou, whether they are filmed or not) and Uncle Mike tells me something that I DIDN'T NEED TO HEAR. Something that scared the shit out of me.

"You tell me this right now! At this time is my life! When I have absolutely nothing! When I just had a nervous breakdown and an identity crises a week before!"

"You'll be alright. You know what to do now. You'll be fine, you just need to do it."

Here is the difference between Uncle Mike and every other new-age boastful bullshitter I have ever met. Uncle Mike cares enough about you to tell you when you need to get your head out of your ass. He tells you exactly what weeds to pull out of your spiritual garden so that it doesn't frighten away future visitors. So that everyone feels comfortable around you and, more imporantly, so that you feel comfortable around yourself. He unveils some facet about yourself that you know is 100 percent true yet you are in hardcore denial about it. I've been in hardcore denial about a lot of shit (aren't we all--let's honestly face it. It's SO easy to delude ourselves sometimes) and our livingroom erupted into an emotional Mt. Vesuvius last nigh when Mike unbiddenly blurted out orders and I bit back at him.

This is where Uncle Mike has my respect. True, he tells people sometimes just by looking at then what will happen, but more imperatively, he tells people what they need to do.

He's also giving a talk at the House of Worship on Oct. 22. Frequent optical lurkers of this blog are welcome to attend. If you see a lad with a BAD haircut huddled in the back of the temple with his fist squinted into his chin somewhat pensively, doen't hesitate to harangue me and say hello.

Thanks Mike (brother).... I know you say that I was "chosen" or sent to you (or whatever) but truth is, where would I be without your candor and insight.

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