Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Delta Scribe

Been chiseling out term papers all day! Momentarily fell in love with an air head who complemented on my perpetual youthful short-hair and cheekbones. "What? 27? I thought you were like 22! Ohmigod!" Wrote 12 stirring pages for my screenplay ST. CECELIA'S PLAYGROUND (opening scene, heartbroken young journalist waiting on the steps of the Lyric Opera for his masochistic midget to arrive'*wink*) and of course, my new boss, in an effort to show his attaboy Varsity-coach charlie hustle appreciation for all my eternal hard-work actually SLAPPED MY ASS today. I think he meant to give me an appreciative slap on the back, but he ended up spanking me instead.

AHHHHHH....nothing beats an occasional pampering!

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