Sunday, September 19, 2004

Will the real Joe Propinka puh-lease stand up?

The suspense curves and thickens. Just received a g-mail from the person claiming to be the elusive and somewhat annoying "Joe Propinka." The address was culled from a very shady hotmail account that left me with zippo clue on who the actual Joe Propinka might be. I guess "Avereage Joe" wants to meet tomorrow at a local coffee shop so it should be interesting to see if he/she/mutant shows up. I'm kinda dubious b/c every two years or so I get seriously stalked (mostly by overtly Gay men)....I had one guy who would even park his SUV in the alleyway behind my parents' garage. He claimed that he was just out 'cruising.'

Anyway, Joe, whoever you are, can't wait to meet you!


daku said...

Joe Propinka:
"set thy trap for another bird!
this is the phoenix
and it nests high"

Ace said...

Good Luck.
Sounds like an interesting turn of events.
As for stalkers...
In a place really far from here and a time quite long ago I had a stalker but it was a pleasant experience.

David Von Behren said...

Fuck you for not being yourself, Joe. Fuck you for not being you....